What Are The Different Types of Clamps and Their Applications?

While most clamp tools take on a similar structure, not one clamp is created equal. The maintenance industry is full of clamp tools, each brand and category of which serve a unique purpose. Some clamps are useful for only jumping cars, while others are designed for holding hoses on the end of pipe spuds. If you’re not too familiar with clamps but are in need of one, read below and you can find a helpful explanation of the many different types of clamps available in the market.

Cable Clamps

Cables clamps are designed specifically for holding cable and cord bundles together. They are primarily used for those working in the manufacturing sector who need assistance with routing and securing cables or cords. Cable clamps can aid with relieving any tension inside the cables by giving them a clean and organized routing. If you’re in need of acquiring a new cable clamp, you would have to check for certain specifications such as the cable diameter, material, and mounting hole diameter. There are various sizes and materials that are in the market with different mounting sizes to guarantee you a secure fit of your cable bundles.

Pipe Clamp

If you’re in need of hanging or securing pipes, then you need the pipe clamps. Manufacturers will typically utilize these clamps when plumbing and piping applications, such as exhaust pipes, guard rails and conduits, among others. The important specifications that you’d have to look out for are the clamp type and pipe diameter. There are many styles and sizes available as well as a variety of materials depending on the type of pipe being hung and the environment.

Hose (Mechanical Clamp)

For those seeking the proper clamps for holding tubes or hoses in place on the ends of pipe spuds, you would need the hose (mechanical) clamp. These types of clamps are used for any time that you would need to make flexible fluid connections. Such an example may include the flexible fluid connection that can be made between the water pump of an auto engine and an inlet spud of the radiator. They can be made in several different sizes and materials such as plastic or metal, and can be made as a reusable device or single use.

It’s important to know which types of clamps you need to complete the job you are assigned. For more information on clamps, feel free to browse through our website!

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June 1, 2020


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